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{{Redemption Animals}}
{{Redemption Animals}}
[[Category:Legendary Animals]]
[[Category:Legendary Animals]]
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[[Category:Liars and Cheats Animals]]

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Roberto the Bobcat is a rare animal found in Red Dead Redemption. He can only be found in the Liars and Cheats DLC while playing in Free Roam on the Roca de Madera hunting ground.

Roberto appears after all waves of bobcats have been killed and is usually accompanied by 2-5 regular bobcats.


Roberto can take a large amount of damage, even from high powered weapons like the Semi-auto Shotgun or the Buffalo Rifle, coupled with the vast number of bobcats attacking you makes Roberto one of the toughest kills of all the legendary animals. It is advised to bring a friend and stock up on ammo before attempting the Roca de Madera hunting grounds.


  • The name Roberto is a play on the word "bobcat". Bob is a common nickname for Robert, whose Spanish equivalent would be Roberto.
  • Players should be careful while shooting at a bobcat, another one might come up from behind and attack you.
  • According to the in-game text, Roberto is specifically the legendary gray bobcat.
  • Unlike the other types of Legendary animals that have representatives in both single player and multiplayer, Roberto does not have a legendary bobcat equivalent in single player.
  • There have been glitches of Roberto running away from the hunting ground.
  • Bobcats usually run away from the player in multiplayer and single player, this hunting ground, however, forces them to be aggressive.
  • It is advised to bring a good horse to help you; you can easily outrun them and the Bobcats will attack the horse first.


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