Robinson Crabb is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Robinson is a resident of Blackwater.


Robinson can occasionally be found waiting for the train at the Pacific Union Railroad Camp or can be encountered in Blackwater, where he can have his horse stolen and ask the player to retrieve it.


Help! I say help! Some mudstill just stole my horse. Pony up and stop him!
Robinson when his horse is stolen


  • He dresses in a brown suit with a straw boater hat, suggesting that he is fairly well-to-do.
  • He will be the only character to directly "order" the player to get him his horse back as all the other victims usually beg or ask the player for the favor, showing his arrogant nature.
  • He shares the same character head as Clifton Ledbetter, but also has some similarities to Rufus Starkey, Rufus Edding and Danphus Mosley's heads.

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