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You may also be looking for "Rogue Valley", the mission of the same name that takes place here.

Rogue Valley is a location in Red Dead Revolver.


Rogue Valley got its name from the rogues in Bad Bessie's gang who took up residence there, making travel dangerous for the residents of Brimstone. The valley is on the route from Brimstone to Clementine Falls.

Mission Appearances

Rogue Valley is the scene of the mission of the same name, Rogue Valley, the eighth mission in Red Dead Revolver. Red must make his way along the valley to take on Bad Bessie, being careful not to risk injury by falling from the cliffs along the way.

Once Red clears out Rogue Valley, the newspaper boy in Brimstone says that the valley will subsequently be renamed.


The valley features large rock formations, winding narrow paths, and steep cliffs. A cabin which serves as Bad Bessie's base is located near a bridge over the valley.

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