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Collector, Bounty Hunter and Trader pictured

Roles, or Specialist Roles are classes in Red Dead Online.



Specialist Roles are unique paths of progression, each providing their own experiences allowing you to become even more deeply connected to your character and the choices you make as you inhabit the world of Red Dead Online. With each Role, you’ll always have new pursuits to embark upon that lead to unique items and skills as you progress, in addition to cash and gold payouts.[1]

Ranking up

With each role the player gains unique items and skills as they progress. Each Role automatically earns Role XP as player complete Role’s activities. Role XP counts towards the progression through 20 Role Ranks. Every 5 ranks the player will earn a new tag: Novice, Promising, Established and Distinguished.

Unlocking a Role Rank earns Role Tokens and new skills or items, which can be unlocked by the Tokens. Each tier also has a kit of items that are unique to the Role and can be unlocked to purchase using Role Tokens.



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