Hello, Mr. Marston, I'm Rosalee. I'll fuck you for money.

Rosalee Glover

Rosalee Glover is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of Rosalee's background.


Rosalee can most often be found in Armadillo, where she works as a prostitute at the saloon. However, she can also be found working her trade or engaging in a game of blackjack in Blackwater and Thieves' Landing.


I'd hate to see a man walk around with such a dry pecker,can I help?.
—'Rosalee Glover'
Hey mister, is there anything of yours you’d like to stick into something of mine?
—'Rosalee Glover'
You can believe it or not, but I actually look better naked.
—'Rosalee Glover'
I've got nails, you've got eyes,look out!
Rosalee Glover when attacked
Oh please, don't tell your wife about it, Mr Marston
Rosalee Glover when attacked


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