If that useless, whoring bastard sent you, then get lost!
Rose Harling upon being approached by Marston

Rose Harling is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption. She plays a part in the Stranger side-mission "Let No Man Put Asunder", but only if the player chooses to help her husband, Nathan Harling.


She is the wife of the musician in the Armadillo Saloon, Nathan Harling. She is clearly upset by her husband's carousing.


When Marston encounters her, she launches into a tirade and insults him ferociously. You can choose to intimidate her into taking her husband back, hogtie her and return her to her husband, or leave her be and return to Alan with a bribe of five dollars. If she is threatened to go back to her husband she will sit in the chair by him and start to cry.


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