Easy, friend, don't go gettin' all severe.

Rufus Starkey

Rufus Starkey is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Rufus is a Criminal and a gambler.


Rufus makes an appearance during the mission "On Shaky's Ground", in which Americus Roe, Elmore Vinnis, and Zebedee Nash try to intimidate him near the general store. Rufus also appears in "The Assault on Fort Mercer" as part of the Williamson Gang inside the fort. He is only seen in the opening scene and for a short time after it. Once he is killed, he no longer spawns again in the mission.

He can mostly be found in Armadillo and Thieves' Landing, where he plays poker. If he catches the player cheating, he will challenge Marston to a duel. He can be encountered at the Tumbleweed Gang Hideout, where he will be hostile. Rufus can also be seen during numerous random encounters, in which he will rob the General store of Armadillo or run away from a wrecked prison coach. Marston has the choice of capturing him, killing him, or letting him get away.

Mission Appearances


I'm lookin' a little hogtied...
Rufus Starkey playing Poker
Hmmm... Sure could've used that last hand.
Rufus Starkey playing Poker
Them bean eaters got a right ol' Civil War brewing, sure as shootin'.
Rufus Starkey playing Poker
We gotta start movin' people off that land.
Rufus Starkey playing Poker
Time to smoke out the phones!
Rufus Starkey betting in Poker
I'm comin' off the Rimrock. Fold.
Rufus Starkey folding in Poker
Friend, you wanna come down off that Rimrock.
Rufus Starkey speaking to another criminal during On Shaky's Ground
Help me, I'm dying!
Rufus Starkey when injured
Step aside, tenderfoot.
Rufus Starkey when bumped into
Step aside, gazute.
Rufus Starkey when bumped into
Ain't got the sense to stand tall.
Rufus Starkey during a gunfight
You're feeding off your brain.
Rufus Statkey when bumped into



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