You might also be looking for Cattle Rustlers, the gang of selectable multiplayer characters

Rustling is the act of stealing livestock or raiding cattle. Rustlers can never actually be observed taking livestock or killing them except for in a few early main missions. Rustlers can be found most commonly in gang hideouts. In the mission "Justice in Pike's Basin", Marston has to help Marshall Johnson and his deputies clean out Pike's Basin, which is inhabited by rustlers and contains rustled cattle in a pen.


  • In the mission "The Outlaw's Return", the player must defend Jack and their herd from cattle rustlers.
  • The Bollard Twins Gang are prominent cattle rustlers.
  • Marston can partake in rustling himself, however in the less traditional way. Killing and skinning cattle and horses are the closest the player can come to cattle rustling.
  • Rustlers may be encountered during Nightwatch jobs.
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