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It's my modest hope... one day... to be the world's second bravest woman animal wrangler.
Sally Nash

Sally Nash is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Sally Nash is Margaret's assistant and animal handler that works for the Bradly Bros. Circus. She wishes to become an animal wrangler like Margaret.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Margret will ask the protagonist to go help his assistant, who is looking for the tiger and has used the lion to search for the tiger. Margaret tells the protagonist that they are at Caliga Way. Sally is seen waiting for the "lion" to return and is greet by the protagonist.

The protagonist tells her that Margaret sent him to help her find the tiger. Sally tells the protagonist that she sent the lion to search for the tiger, but has not returned. She reveals to the protagonist that the "lion" is a dog that has the appearance of lion. She states that she lost sight of the dog, when it went into the shrubs. The protagonist offers to search for the dog and eventually finds the dog dead. The protagonist calls Sally over and she is disappointed that the dog died. The protagonist states dog looks like it was attacked by a cougar and she states that the tiger is actually a cougar. The protagonist decides to place the dog in Sally's wagon to bait the cougar and tells her to hide somewhere. The player will place the dog in the wagon and will hide with Sally. They spot the cougar and the cougar goes inside the wagon to eat the dog. The protagonist will lock the cougar inside the wagon. Sally asks the player to drive the wagon back to Margret's camp. She will chat with the protagonist during the trip and explains how the animals escaped.

Following the last encounter, when Arthur returns to collect his reward, she is seen cleaning the Lion's cage. Upon overhearing him explain that the animal is dead to Margaret, she stops cleaning. Sally soon joins Margaret in departing with the surviving two of their original four animals, promising to Arthur that she will one day achieve her dream of becoming a professional animal wrangler.



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Sally is a slender young woman, with braided blonde hair and blue eyes. Sally wears a white shirt, a worn beige pants with a black leather belt with several pockets and a silver buckle, and a long worn black leather boots.

Mission appearances

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