Salvador Vegas happy you did my work, gringo!
Salvador Vegas giving Marston his bounty money

Salvador Vegas is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Salvador is a member of the Federales.


Salvador can most often be found in the Mayor's Office in Chuparosa. However, he can also be found playing Poker in the Casa Madrugada saloon. He is the one that gives Marston the reward money after Bounty Hunting in Chuparosa.


Bien hecho! You are good work!
Salvador Vegas giving Marston his bounty money
Here, You earned it. Every pesos!
Salvador Vegas giving Marston his bounty money
Ai jai jai! This hand makes me very nervioso!
Salvador Vegas while playing Poker
I'm going to, uh... call this hand.
Salvador Vegas
This hand... I raise you.
Salvador Vegas
Let's see if you are... how do they say... Uh, though.
Salvador Vegas


  • Salvador appears to be a lieutenant (Teniente) of the Federales in Chuparosa, as he wears a hat with two vertical gold bars. The same insignia within the United States indicates a captain.
  • During the mission The Mexican Wagon Train, there are about two or three Federales that are identical to him, and the player is able to kill them. They will either try and kill the player with Repeater Carbines or with a Gatling gun on a river raft.
  • During gunfights, Salvador often refers to himself in the third person.



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