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Sam is a minor boss character featured in Red Dead Revolver.

After the player completes the mission "Bar Fight" with an excellent rating, Sam becomes available as a playable character in Showdown Mode. He can also be unlocked after buying the Beard Comb. His special abilities include charging like a bull, picking up an opponent and throwing them and throw barrels.


Sam is the older brother of Daniel aka Dan. Sam is large and very strong. He, alongside his brother, are feared criminals in Brimstone, and often hang out in the town's saloon. Sam has a bounty of $400.


Sam is first mentioned in the mission "Range War", having left a notice that the Governor Griffon made him a "better offer" to roust Annie Stoakes from her ranch and burn it to the ground. However, he does not participate in the attack on her ranch.

Sam is only seen in the mission "Bar Fight", serving as the final boss of the level. After the fight in the bar with some of Sam's men and other drunkards, Red Harlow steps into the theatre where he kills Sam's brother, Dan, in front of him. Sam tries to avenge him instantly. He is subsequently killed by Red.

Sam can use the same methods of attacking Red as he does in Showdown.

Mission Appearances

Red Dead Revolver


Looks like the final curtain for you!
Sam when selected in Showdown
I reckon so. Say good bye, mister...
Sam about to attack Red
Catch this! Here, take this!
Sam taunting in Showdown mode
What you got there, little boy?
Sam taunting in Showdown mode
Haha! Not so tough now, are ya?
Sam when winning in Showdown

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

He is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal under the Wanted - Dead or Alive section. His pages are unlocked the same way his character model is unlocked.


  • The girls like Sam in a certain kind of way, as several dancers on stage will aid him in fighting Red Harlow during the mission "Bar Fight."
  • Sam and his brother Dan may be a reference to Sam and Dan Houser, the founders of Rockstar Games, and producers and directors of most of its titles.
  • He also seems to be a reference to Loony Toons' character Yosemite Sam due to his similar hat, beard and ironically, large size.
  • In Showdown Mode he shares some of his quotes with Cooper.
  • If selected as the fourth player, his outfit will be blue.
  • According to Abigail Peppercorn, Hanz Kenyon lets Sam give out orders in his saloon. Presumably he fears him due to his larger size.
  • Sheriff Bartlett notes in his journal that his height can be matched only to that of Pig Josh.


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