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All of you remember that the law and only the law is king. Together, we can make Tumbleweed a shining light of American obedience. We can bring civilization to this land of dark savagery. We, the obedient ones, are the civilized ones. Remember that, all of you!
Sam Freeman

Sheriff Samuel "Sam" Freeman[1] is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and a stranger in Red Dead Online.



Sheriff Sam Freeman is the somewhat draconian sheriff of Tumbleweed, well-known for his ruthlessness in upholding law and order within the settlement.

Events of Red Dead Online

The protagonist first encounters Sheriff Freeman at the Tumbleweed Jail, when Terrence O'Dowd pleads with him to mount a rescue for his wife, who was supposedly kidnapped by a gang of outlaws operating out of Twin Rocks. Explaining that the lacks the manpower to do so and that the area is far out of his jurisdiction, Freeman subsequently refers him to the protagonist and their posse, whom O'Dowd convinces to help.

If the player has chosen to remain honorable, they will later join Old Man Jones in attempting to rescue both Sheriff Freeman and Marshal Tom Davies after the Del Lobo Gang attacked Tumbleweed and captured the two in retaliation for Alfredo Montez's death. When the protagonist and their posse arrive, Freeman is shown tied at the gallows and is shocked when Davies is hung before his eyes. However, he and the Marshal are subsequently cut loose and choose to flee the town by wagon to draw the remaining Del Lobos away. After reaching The Scratching Post, Freeman thanks the protagonists and returns to Tumbleweed.

Sheriff Freeman can also offer recovery and escort missions to the player, which will increase their honor. If the protagonist becomes a bounty hunter, they can deliver him various bounty targets in exchange for the price on their head. Freeman will make a comment depending on whether the criminals are alive or dead.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

When the player visits Tumbleweed for the first time, they see a deputy bringing in a member of the Del Lobos. After a brief interrogation, Sheriff Freeman executes the criminal on the spot.

After this, the player can perform bounty hunting missions to capture Joaquín Arroyo and later Esteban Cortez, both of which are from the Del Lobo Gang. After the apprehension of both of them, Freeman says that he will no longer post any bounties because he would instead like to deal with crime by himself, citing that a Sheriff has to "earn" their authority.

Outside of missions, Sheriff Freeman can often be found standing in the center of the settlement, preaching to the townsfolk about law and order in the community, or in his office, where he will warn the player to leave if they stay for too long.



God expects obedience. I demand obedience. That, my friends, is the difference. His punishments shall be distributed for all eternity. Mine shall be instant, brief, and extremely unfortunate. This shall be a land of kindness, gentleness, and intelligence. In order to get there, I shall insist on obedience. Not to me as a man, but to me as a servant of the law that protects and ennobles us all. Do as I say, and you shall all live as in heaven. Disobey me, and you shall quickly alight in hell.
Sam Freeman

Sam Freeman is shown to be exceptionally harsh, unforgiving, and obsessive. Despite being respected for his competence in dealing with crime in the region, he also has a reputation for being overly intolerant of any wrongdoing, to the point of being tyrannical. He notably kills a Del Lobo without any trial, exemplifying his attitude.

However, Freeman can also be seen as quite honorable, not viewing himself as being above the townsfolk and even admitting that it’s his job to earn his authority, and that he is not above that. Additionally, Freeman is not an unpopular figure in the town, suggesting that the townsfolk like him and admire his tough stance on crime and his effectiveness in dealing with it.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Online


Remember, people, the law is king. King!
Sam Freeman
Challenge me and you will discover a new definition of justice. My definition.
Sam Freeman speaking from a porch


  • Sam Freeman appears to be heavily inspired by Bass Reeves, the first African-American U.S. deputy to serve in Western territories.
  • Getting into a gunfight with Freeman is dangerous, as he will kill the player with one shot, no matter their health. This goes for both his shotgun and revolver. Freeman is among the only four enemies in the game that can do this, the other three being the Vampire, the Hermit, and members of the Night Folk.
    • If Freeman's revolver is knocked out of his hand, he will pull another one out.
    • His knife is his only weapon that can't one-hit-kill the player.
  • Sheriff Freeman's fate is unknown following the abandonment of Tumbleweed. Given that he is absent from Red Dead Redemption, it is possible he either retired, moved elsewhere, or was killed by outlaws.
  • Unused audio files exist in the game which Sheriff Freeman refers to Arthur Morgan by name and acknowledges his association with Dutch van der Linde. These were likely intended to be used in an early stage of development when New Austin could be accessed as Arthur.[2]



  1. The newspaper article "A Cautionary Tale" refers to Sam as "Samuel", indicating it is his given name.
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