Sam Wah is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Wah is a Chinese immigrant living in Blackwater. He owns the Sam Wah Dry Press Laundry near the docks, and is a regular customer of the Blackwater saloon.


Aside from occasionally being seen around town, Marston can play against him in a game of poker at the Blackwater saloon. He is known for being very lucky and difficult to bust out.


Diu. 吊 (Fuck, in Chinese - Cantonese)
Sam Wah (losing in Poker)
Gum shui wan ge. 咁衰運嘅 (So unlucky, in Chinese - Cantonese)
Sam Wah (losing in Poker)
jong toi gam wu zou gaa. 張檯咁污糟架 (The table are dirty[bad] in Chinese - Cantonese)
Sam Wah (Losing in poker)
I'm going to check out.
Sam Wah (check in poker)
All in.
Sam Wah (all in in poker)


  • Sam spends more time at the poker table than elsewhere, leading to the question of how he manages to finance his gambling if he spends so little time at work. Perhaps he is so lucky and skilled at poker that he makes more money at the table than on the clock.
  • Unnamed Chinese Woman can be seen sitting outside the Sam Wah Laundry. This could be Sam's wife, or a customer waiting for her laundry to be done.
  • Eli Tucker, a member of the Blackwater Police Department, can be heard saying he does not trust Sam Wah.
  • During the 1800s, there was a Sam Wah Laundry in Colorado City, Colorado. It bore a strong resemblance to the one in-game.
  • Like most Chinese characters in the game, Sam Wah speaks in the Cantonese dialect of Chinese, hinting at his place of origin in Guangdong province.
  • There are two possible explanation for the name Sam Wah. First one is, Sam Wah tried to assimilate himself to the local society by giving himself a western given name, which is Sam, while "Wah" (華) is a surname. The other explanation is that Sam Wah probably means "沈華". the word "沈" (Sam) is a fairly common surname in China, while the word "華" (Wah) means magnificent or splendid.


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