I'm a soldier who robbed. Finch is a thief who soldiered. I bet you're no good like him.
Samson's Partner to the protagonist

"Samson's Partner" is a minor antagonist featured in Red Dead Online.



At some point before 1898, him and Samson met when the latter became a soldier in his unit. They quickly became friends and planned multiple heists throughout the region. However, him and the rest of his unit decided to betray Samson after he planned to rob the Lemoyne National Bank.

Events of Red Dead Online

In the mission "More Than One Way To Earn a Buck", Samson asks the protagonist's posse to kill his former partner and his unit at Fort Wallace. He also informs them that the soldiers intend to use the ammunition stockpile stored inside the fort to carry out their own robberies, meaning that the protagonists must also destroy the ammunition. Ultimately, the protagonists manage to kill Samson's former partner and all his men, and destroy their ammunition.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Online


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