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I ain't gonna lie to you. Truth is I'm a bad bastard. I lived my way but I stuck to my word and did what I said I would. Especially to them as stuck by me.
Samson Finch

Samson Finch is a major character featured in Red Dead Online.



Samson Finch is a seasoned outlaw who formerly served in the United States Army. At some point before 1898, he befriended a disreputable regiment commander. The two along with other soldiers within their unit plotted several heists in the regions of New Hanover and Lemoyne. After a year of planning to rob the Lemoyne National Bank, however, his once-reliable partner and fellow soldiers eventually betrayed him and set out to conduct the robberies themselves.

Events of Red Dead Online

A Land of Opportunities

If the player finished the honor choice mission strand while maintaining low honor, Horley will refer them to seek work by assisting Samson Finch.

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An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. A knife in the back for a knife in the back. Nice world, Mr. Finch.
Old Man Jones to Samson Finch
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Mission appearances

Red Dead Online


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