Santiago Valenzuela
Kuva 026
Gender Male
Location Nuevo Paraíso
Weapon Double-Barrel Shotgun
Rdr undead nightmare logo (perfect)
Red Dead Redemption:
Undead Nightmare

Missing Poster
Poster Location Rescue from
El Presidio El Matadero
Ahora gringo! Kill the diablos!

–Santiago Valenzuela

Santiago Valenzuela is a minor character in Red Dead Redemption.


Santiago is an entrepreneurial butcher from Nuevo Paraiso. He is described as an "exceptional father", showing he has at least one child.


Red Dead Redemption

Santiago can be found manning a stall in the Chuparosa marketplace. Santiago can also be found horse riding or driving a wagon around Escalera.

Undead Nightmare

Santiago has an expanded role in the Undead Nightmare DLC. He is one of the missing souls to be located in the "Missing Persons" Side-missions. He is found at El Matadero and needs to be returned to El Presidio. He has boarded himself up on the upper level of the town's slaughterhouse, and will only join Marston after enough of the surrounding Undead are killed.

He can then be sighted in El Presidio. He can also be found assisting in the defence of Chuparosa, and after the town has been rescued, he can be seen standing around in the saloon, talking with a local girl.

Santiago can also sometimes be seen at a wilderness camp. If the player approaches, they will notice the area is littered with bones. He will tell about his wife and his friend which he had to kill when they became Undead. If the player threatens Santiago he will attack them with a Volcanic Pistol, and a search of his camp will reveal a Treasure Map hidden inside a wooden chest.


This land is cursed! It is all the human sacrifices our ancestors did!
Santiago Valenzuela
I had to kill many former customers just to survive!
Santiago Valenzuela
All I ever wanted was to own my own tienda (shop), but these diablos ruined everything!
Santiago Valenzuela
I tried to make deliveries, but these diablos were eating everyone!
Santiago Valenzuela
Eh estrangero! You're no demonio right? Share some carne with me, its muy muy rico!
Santiago when the player rides past his camp.
Menos mal! If I had not found all this carne, I was going to go loco with hunger!
Santiago at his camp.
Sientate hombre! Go ahead and sit down! Hot food, a warm fire, que mas quieres?
Santiago inviting Marston to stay at his camp.
Mmmm! Mira este trozito mas tierno y rico! Mmmm!
Santiago at his camp.
A few days ago, I had a bad temper, This viejo gringo Anderson here was even tougher! But he tastes so tender! Waking up to my hermano tearing apart my wife like ropa vieja and eating her? Que sorpresa! Bah, she was a puta anyway.. I kill them both, Pues tenia que hacerlo! But I keep them commigo!! In that little pila over there.
Santiago Valenzuela telling about his wife and friend which he had to kill
Sabes que amigo? I don't eat this good en toda mi vida! Ha ha ha
Santiago at his camp.


  • Santiago has his own theories on how the plague started; including the human sacrifices of past inhabitants of Mexico, and new chemicals and medicines that have been introduced to the land.
  • He shares a character head with Julio Pereida.

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