The "Legend of the East" Satchel

The Satchel contains all of the player's items.

Red Dead Redemption

The satchel is a vital item in Red Dead Redemption; it holds your provisions, consumables, and kit items, and allows you to hold 5 of each consumable. Some of the items it holds are the bandana, animal pelts, the basic campfire, and a few other items.

The Treasure Hunter's satchel is an item you attain after getting Rank 10 on the Treasure Hunter challenges. It allows you to carry twice as many items as the regular satchel.

Red Dead Redemption 2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, the satchel returns, with many more upgrades. Simon Pearson can upgrade the satchel after the leather working tools have been purchased for him. During the epilogue, any satchels that weren't crafted with Pearson can be purchased from fences.

Despite every satchel requiring leather working tools to be purchased, each satchel has its own individual requirement to be met, as well as each satchel having its own benefits.

Each crafted satchel doubles its related inventory items. For example; unlocking the tonics satchel doubles the number of tonics that the player can carry. Although, the Legend of the East satchel increases capacity to 99 for most items.

Once a certain satchel has been unlocked, the perks that come with it become permanent, and thus stack across all satchels. For example; if the player unlocks the tonics satchel, but then switches back to Arthur's default satchel, you will still be able to carry more tonics in the default satchel than you would before unlocking the perk.

Satchel Name Requirement Perfect Pelts Required
Tonics Satchel Upgrade Medicine Wagon twice Deer / Elk / Buck
Ingredients Satchel Donate 5 animal carcasses Deer / Badger / Squirrel
Kit Satchel Donate 3 valuables Deer / Elk / Panther
Provisions Satchel Upgrade Provisions Wagon twice Deer / Bison / Raccoon
Materials Satchel Craft 3 recipes at the Scout Fire Deer / Boar / Iguana
Valuables Satchel Donate $50 Deer / Beaver / Rabbit
Legend of the East Satchel Craft all other Satchels Deer / Cougar / Wolf



  • Arthur's satchel is unlocked by default.
  • John's satchel is the only satchel to appear in more than one game.
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