A beautiful tool of righteous vengeance, or a curse to all good folk in the wrong hands.
Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

The Scorpion Revolver is a weapon featured in Red Dead Revolver.


The 8-inch barrel gave this pistol an enormous stopping power with great accuracy. The specially designed grooves in the barrel along with lengthened .44 cartridge ammunition makes this weapon a formidable part of one's arsenal.
in-game manual

The Scorpion Revolver is a powerful and extremely rare sidearm. Only two models have ever existed in the setting of Red Dead Revolver, custom made by Nate Harlow for himself and his associate Griff to celebrate their partnership. It possesses a unique scorpion design on its handle, in respect for Nate's father-in-law Running Moon, with the scorpion being his spirit animal.

During the raid on the Harlow ranch, one of the revolvers was destroyed after Nate's death. Engulfed in flames as the ranch burned, Nate's son Red used the burning revolver to cut off one of the attacker's, Daren, arms. The weapon's molten metal scarred Red's hand before the revolver lost its function.

The Scorpion Revolver becomes a plot point in Revolver's narrative with its re-introduction in the mission "Battle Finale", where the last copy of the revolver was seen held by Griffon. An older Red ultimately reclaimed the Scorpion after killing Griffon in the mission "Fall from Grace".

The Scorpion Revolver stands as the most powerful sidearm in Revolver, and one of the most powerful weapons in the game overall. While its range is listed only as a medium, it possesses a quick reloading speed, as well as maximized stopping power and rate of accuracy.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

The Scorpion is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal on pages 34 - 35 under the Side Arms section. The pages are unlocked by completing the final mission, "Fall from Grace".


By completing the game on Normal difficulty or higher, the player is officially awarded the weapon on the statistics screen at the end of "Fall from Grace". In subsequent games, it will be available for selection at the start of any mission which presents a weapon selection screen.


  • In the game manual, it is listed as the "Scorpion Gun" while in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal it is listed as "The Scorpion".
  • The scorpion emblem on the handle is reminiscent of the coiled snake design on the handle of the gun of the famous "Man With No Name" from the "Dollars" Trilogy, directed by Sergio Leone. Indeed, the main character Manco, from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly carries a gun of a similar make and model to the Scorpion Gun.


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