Game Red Dead Redemption
Type Outfit component
Obtained by Purchase from a Tailor or completing Outfit requirements.

Scraps are items found in Red Dead Redemption.


Scraps are used to unlock new outfits for Marston to equip, with multiple scraps required for most outfits. Some scraps are earned by completing tasks while others are found or purchased.

This page details how to obtain each scrap of each outfit. Without bonus or downloadable content, Red Dead Redemption includes 60 collectable scraps.

Single Player

Cowboy Outfit

  • Cowboy Outfit Scrap #1 Unlocked by starting the game.

Bureau Uniform Scraps

US Army Scraps

Mexican Poncho Scraps

US Marshal Outfit Scraps

  • U.S. Marshal Outfit Scrap #1 Complete all US gang hideouts in 24 game hours. (Only obtainable after completing the story.)

Elegant Suit Scraps

Treasure Hunter Scraps

Bandito Scraps

Bollards Twins Scraps

Duster Coat Scraps

Reyes' Rebel Scraps

Rancher Outfit Scraps

Legend of the West Scraps

Walton's Gang Scraps (PS3 and Game of the Year Only)

DLC and Pre-Order

Expert Hunter

Savvy Merchant

Deadly Assasin

Undead Nightmare

Union Suit

  • Union Suit Scrap #1: Unlocked by starting the game.

Undead Cowboy

  • Undead Cowboy Scrap #1: Finish the Game.

Legend of the Apocalypse

  • Legend of the Apocalypse Scrap #1: Complete all Undead Nightmare Challenges.

Undead Hunter

Tips and Tricks

  • From the outfit page there is an option to mark a circle around the area of the map where the next scrap on the list is located (Square for PS3 and X for Xbox360).
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