I do interesting very well. It's trusting I don't do so well.
Seamus to Hosea Matthews

Seamus is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.



Seamus is a foreman at Emerald Ranch and tends the rackets there. He specializes in stolen wagons, but runs a general fence on the side as well.

Events of Red Dead Online

Seamus can be encountered tending to both his fences.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Hosea Matthews introduces Seamus to Arthur as a new prospective business partner. Seamus states that he does not like working with amateurs. Hosea suggests a chance to prove to Seamus that the pair are skilled, and not amateurs. He tells Hosea that he will only do business with the gang if they carry out a job for him; stealing a stagecoach purchased by his cousin-in-law.

He also makes an appearance in a stagecoach robbery, which was a tip provided by Alden Carruthers. After stealing a stagecoach, the player must take it to Seamus for payment.

Mission appearances



  • He may own an Australian Shepherd, as one can often be seen near his fence business.
  • As of Patch 1.14, his Fence is missing its table but the candle is still there. This has been fixed with the addition of Patch 1.20.
  • A grave is located under a tree at Carmody Dell, possible Seamus' cousin's.
  • It is unclear if he is biologically related to Bob Crawford Jr. since it's unkown if Crawford is the son of Seamus' cousin or another woman.
  • Seamus' employer, Eugene Wegner, is seemingly unaware he is running a fencing side business, as evidenced when Seamus says to the player: "not a word to Wegner". Despite this, Seamus will accept the player's carriages even when Wegner is nearby.
  • In Red Dead Online, Seamus will not accept any of the player's stolen coaches.
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