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I do interesting very well. It's trusting I don't do so well.
Seamus to Hosea Matthews

Seamus is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.



Seamus is a foreman at Emerald Ranch and tends the rackets there. He specializes in stolen wagons but runs a general fence on the side as well.

Events of Red Dead Online

Seamus can be encountered tending his valuables fence.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Hosea Matthews introduces Seamus to Arthur as a new prospective business partner. Seamus states that he does not like working with amateurs. Hosea suggests a chance to prove to Seamus that the pair are skilled, and not amateurs. He tells Hosea that he will only do business with the gang if they carry out a job for him; stealing a stagecoach purchased by his cousin-in-law.

He also makes an appearance in a stagecoach robbery, which was a tip provided by Alden Carruthers. After stealing a stagecoach, the player must take it to Seamus for payment.

Later on, he can briefly be seen while entering Emerald Ranch at the beginning of "He's British, of Course IV".

Mission Appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • He may own an Australian Shepherd, as one can often be seen near his fence business.
  • He can be encountered near his fence before the mission "The Spines of America" and can be interacted with.
  • As of Patch 1.14, his Fence is missing its table but the candle is still there. This has been fixed with the addition of Patch 1.20.
  • A grave is located under a tree at Carmody Dell, possibly belonging to Seamus' cousin.
  • It is unclear if he is biologically related to Bob Crawford Jr. since it's unknown if Crawford is the son of Seamus' cousin or another woman.
  • Seamus' employer, Eugene Wegner, is seemingly unaware he is running a fencing side business, as evidenced when Seamus says to the player: "not a word to Wegner". Despite this, Seamus will accept the player's carriages even when Wegner is nearby.
  • In Red Dead Online, Seamus will not accept any of the player's stolen coaches.
  • If the player brings Seamus a vehicle damaged by gunfire he will comment "There a war on I don't know about?"
  • Bringing in a single-axle cart, barrel wagon, or other low value vehicle will prompt Seamus to say "Well, ain't this wagon a fresh heap of shit."
  • The price paid for stolen wagons & coaches depends on the quality, with larger vehicles being worth more.
  • Any damage caused to the vehicles will affect the final payout once the vehicle is delivered to Seamus.