For the Red Dead Redemption variant, see Semi-Automatic Pistol.

The Semi-Automatic Pistol is a weapon featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


The new Peeters and Janssens Semi-Automatic Pistol deals less damage than revolver sidearms, but makes up for it by doing away with the need for weapon cocking, as well as an expanded ammo capacity and quicker magazine reloads. This gun has an ammo capacity of eight rounds and can use Regular, High Velocity, Split Point, Express and Explosive pistol ammo.[1]

The Semi-Automatic Pistol has the lowest damage of all firearms in the game, but it has a slightly higher magazine count than most, with 8 rounds, the fastest fire rate in the game, fairly high accuracy and a very quick reload time.


This pistol is available from gunsmiths in Valentine and Saint Denis only, after completing the mission "The Joys of Civilization".



  • The Semi-Automatic Pistol's design is based on the Borchardt C-93 pistol first manufactured in 1893.
  • The in game appearance is modeled incorrectly to the real life counterpart. The grip is angled and the trigger guard is elongated compared to the real life model. This is contrary to the version in Red Dead Redemption, where the model of the Semi-Automatic Pistol is correct to its real-life counterpart.


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