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Settlements are permanently inhabited locations such as towns, ranches, and trading posts that appear throughout the Red Dead series.


In Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption II , Settlements serve as central areas where the player can stock up on supplies, sell items, turn in bounties, and perform other activities between missions. Many missions are also acquired from NPCs in settlements. Each settlement provides a different set of amenities, generally one or more of the following:

Red Dead Revolver

There are various settlements in the game, but the largest settlement in Red Dead Revolver is Brimstone. Another settlement that plays a role in the game is Widow's Patch.

Red Dead Redemption


Settlements are highlighted in orange color

Red Dead Redemption has large and small settlements spread throughout the game map.
Towns are larger settlements which feature a general store, a doctor's office, and often a gunsmith, tailor, and/or cinema; an ownable safehouse, a train station and/or stagecoach stop, and gambling with cards or dice. Towns usually have a law-enforcement presence and offer nightwatch jobs and bounties for wanted criminals. 

Smaller and other settlements contain no shops, may or may not have public transport, and gambling if on offer is often a rough-and-ready sort like arm wrestling or five-finger fillet; if a safehouse is available it may only be rentable. A few settlements are inhabited by NPC's but contain no player amenities. Some of these smaller settlements may also have wanted poster location. Among smaller and other settlements are included villages, larger ranches and farms, monasteries, larger camps, brothels and inns, fortresses and important train stations.

Red Dead Redemption II

Red Dead Redemption II has most of the settlements from the first game, but also many new.

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