Pray for a swift death.
Shadow Wolf

Shadow Wolf is a major character featured in Red Dead Revolver.

With the addition of the Legends and Killers DLC pack, Shadow Wolf is a multiplayer character model in Red Dead Redemption.


Shadow Wolf was a native American that preferred hunting and scouting on his own, but when Chief Running Moon told Shadow Wolf he couldn't visit with his favorite cousin; Red Harlow, anymore, he drifted even farther away. Despite this, the tribe always respected him for his amazing woodcraft and the fact that he never backed down from an insult, especially one from the Black Elk Tribe.


When it was discovered that Red was still alive, but locked up in General Diego's mine, none questioned the decision of the elders to send Shadow Wolf to the rescue. His final deeds drove the Black Elk away and ended the desecration of Bear Mountain.

Shadow Wolf was mortally wounded during his and Red's attack on Fort Diego by Colonel Daren. Red killed Daren, but Shadow Wolf died later in Red's arms. Red took Shadow Wolf's knife and stabbed deceased Daren in the chest.

Shadow Wolf ended up becoming more famous dead than he ever was alive.

Mission Appearances

Showdown Mode

Shadow Wolf becomes available as a playable character in Showdown Mode after completing the mission "Bear Mountain" with a Good rating. His unique ability allows him to become invisible for a short time.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Shadow Wolf is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal on pages 18 - 21 under the Heroes section. The pages are unlocked by unlocking his Showdown Mode character via the method mentioned above.

Red Dead Redemption

With the Legends and Killers Pack, one can play as Shadow Wolf in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer. While playing as Shadow Wolf, the player can throw tomahawks with greater accuracy than with any other playable character.


Cousin Red is alive. I saw the devil Diego take him prisoner to the mines.
Shadow Wolf, to the tribal elders
The blood bond between us is strong.
Shadow Wolf, to his cousin Red Harlow

Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer

  • "You should consider joining the bears in hibernation, I've heard its very rejuvenating."
  • "I can take you to a permanent winter, if you so choose."
  • "Life out here, has aged you."
  • "Can anyone else hear gnats? Buzzing, annoying creature."
  • "The wilderness has not treated you well, I see"
  • "There are many ways I could end your life, one more frightening than the next."
  • "My sympathy; obviously, you have not withstood the test of time."
  • "I am the part of the earth you couldn't plow; the part that strikes at random, without a cares to what it lays waste."
  • "Is this the best the great white father has sent us? A sorry state of affairs."
  • "So you must be feeling good, feeling good you've tamed the frontier, remade the earth in your own image."
  • "I could easily dispose of all of you; I don't need to make it seem accidental either."
  • "You're afraid of dying, simply because it would mean losing access to your possessions; that is unnatural."
  • "You people have ported us for too long."
  • "You must be the result of this so-called "progress"; now you can see why my people are so skeptical."
  • "Do you normally mark the spot you're standing with your bodily fluids?"
  • "If you so successfully tame the wild earth, then why can I kill you so easily?"
  • "A man who has nothing to lose, is afraid of losing nothing; bear that in mind."
  • "I can multiply all the pain in your lives, by many times, if you give me difficulty."
  • "I can create a new burial ground here; you will be the first client."
  • "Perhaps you are feeling a nervous twitch in your undergarments now."
  • "If you feel you are unhappy in life, I can help you end it."
  • "I cannot help but think there is more sense in a swarm of insects than my present company."
  • "You fear the shadows, but the shadows are my home."
  • "Oh, what a stench... does no one bathe anymore?"
  • "It looks as though it is you people who have grown wilder, not the earth, tamer."
  • "Are droppings from your livestock used as a commodity by you people?"
  • "I've travelled too far in life to put up with the nonsense I see all around me now."
  • "You all smell like decaying undergrunt; is it not easier to bathe in your modern age?"
  • "You're pushing me close to a precipice and I have no intention of falling."
  • "Am I among flightless birds? You look so helpless, waddling on the ground."


  • Shadow Wolf, along with several other Revolver characters, is mentioned in a campfire segment in Red Dead Redemption.
  • Shadow Wolf's original voice actor, Chaske Spencer, was the only actor who did not return to reprise his role in the Legends and Killers pack. Instead, replaced by Ryan Johnston, who played Packie McReary from GTA IV.[1]
    • He is shirtless, and he wears leather pants under a leather loincloth. He sports a black mohawk with one large white and a black striped feather in mentioned mohawk along with a black feather that always seems to be moving.
    • He has a boot mark on his back, referencing how Colonel Daren stomped on him in Red Dead Revolver.
    • He does not have a rifle strap, making his weapons appear to just float on his back, although, in some instances, the weapons do not appear on his back at all, causing him to seemingly draw them from thin air.
    • His voice sounds similar to Chief Mangan's voice in Redemption.



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