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What could be finer than a home in a swamp surrounded by alligators?
Arthur Morgan

Shady Belle is a camp hideout in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online in the Bayou Nwa region of the Lemoyne territory.

It serves as the camp's location during the fourth chapter of the game.


It is a large colonial house surrounded by swamps and alligator-infested waters to the east. The house itself is rather large, with four large pillars at the front, two chimneys at either side of the mansion and a fountain outside. The property is abandoned and therefore dilapidated. Large vines crawl up the walls of the house, the water fountain is empty and the rooms are dirty and destroyed.

Around the back side of the property is a small dock and cottage, where Leopold Strauss usually loiters during the gang's stay at the property.

Like many southern manors and plantation houses of its time, Shady Belle has a private graveyard. Among its most notorious graves, there are Joseph Charlesworth's (former owner of the manor) and Agnes Dowd's.


It is located in Bayou Nwa, Lemoyne. It is situated East of Braithwaite Manor, southwest of the city Saint Denis, on the north coast of the Lannahechee River. Just east of the property are sections of marshes, with alligators inhabiting the area.


In the mission "Preaching Forgiveness as He Went", Arthur and Lenny raid the house, where they obtain large amounts of dynamite and weapons.

The property is next encountered in the mission "The Battle of Shady Belle", where Arthur and John kill the remainder of the Lemoyne Raiders. The two remove the bodies from the mansion, dumping them in the swamp waters surrounding the house.

Soon thereafter, the rest of the Van der Linde gang arrive at the house and begin unpacking and setting up their tents.

Shady Belle becomes the site of a large firefight between the Van der Linde gang and the O'Driscoll gang after the latter captures and kills Kieran Duffy.

Soon after the Saint Denis fiasco, the gang packs up and moves north, fearing Pinkerton reprisal. Clues are then left around the camp in case Arthur or Dutch make it back home.

After the Van der Linde gang departs from Shady Belle, the Lemoyne Raiders move back in and the location becomes a Gang Hideout that occasionally can be cleared for loot. However, the entrances to the building are boarded up, making the interior inaccessible by conventional means. However, players can get inside by using a wagon on a sloped roof near Arthur's old room.

Interactions within the camp contain a noticeably poorer mood than the two previous camps at Horseshoe Overlook and Clemens Point. Multiple gang members will comment on the poor state of the mansion and the dangerous environment surrounding it, while others vocally express their dismay at Jack's disappearance and, later, the O'Driscoll assault on the camp.


  • The Shady Belle Camp is the final Gang Camp that players can still complete camp chores, make donations, and purchase any remaining upgrades for any trophy/achievement. After the mission "Banking, The Old American Art", the camp will have already moved to Lakay and after "Fleeting Joy", no donations can be made and Miss Grimshaw states that somebody smashed the box.
  • This is last part of the game were the player can receive Item Requests. However they can still complete item requests given before just so long as the gang member who asked didn't die.
  • On one of the crates on the bridge leading to the mansion is Valerian Root.
  • On the back porch of the mansion is the Cigarette Card for Dynamite - 1866 - Alfred Nobel.
  • At the shack to the southeast of the mansion is a lockbox containing Aged Pirate Rum and money bill.
  • A lock-box containing a large jewelry bag and a money bill can be found in the mausoleum to the east.
  • During Chapter 4, when Shady Belle is being used as the new Van der Linde camp, the lock-boxes below the shack and in the mausoleum are one of the quickest ways to make money, as their valuables will always respawn after three in-game days.
  • Throughout the eastern areas, including the island to the southeast, can be found Ghost Orchid, Clamshell Orchid, and Gator Eggs.
  • After the mission "Horsemen, Apocalypses", Kirean's grave can be found in the clearing southwest of the manor.
  • There are some well-known historical instances of abandoned plantations serving as practical hideouts for outlaw gangs during the era portrayed in Redemption 2. In the most famous example that has some parallels with the Van der Linde gang's seizure of Shady Belle, Jesse James and his gang once followed up a heist by escaping and taking shelter in abandoned buildings of what was known as the Kemp Plantation near St. Joseph, Louisiana in 1879.
  • Shady Belle may be modeled after a modern southern residence in Louisiana. It is accessible to the public and operates as an event venue called Southern Oaks Plantation. Contrary to its name, this residence was built in 1960 and was never a plantation. Unlike many heritage buildings found in the game, it didn't exist at the time the game is taking place. The main house itself also bears a strong resemblance to the main house of Crumptonia Plantation in Dallas County, Alabama.
  • In Red Dead Online, Black Belle gives out a paid killing mission at Shady Belle for players around 11:00 p.m.