You might also be looking for the single player Sharpshooter Challenges.

Sharpshooter Challenges are a class of multiplayer challenge under the Free Roam category. Each rank of each challenge requires the player to accomplish various feats of precision shooting. When each rank is completed, the player earns XP and a title.

The challenges are divided into two series, Sharpshooter I and Sharpshooter II, as detailed below. Challenge tasks can be completed in public or private Free Roam sessions. Each rank of each challenge must be completed before moving on to the next rank.

Sharpshooter I

The Sharpshooter I challenge is available to the player upon first starting multiplayer (multiplayer rank 1). It is the only challenge in the Free Roam category available from the start.

Rank Description XP Title
1 Shoot and kill 5 flying wild birds. 250 Bird Watcher
2 Shoot and kill 5 rabbits. 250 Exterminator
3 Get 10 head shots on enemy characters. 250 Head Hollower
4 Kill 5 flying birds from a moving vehicle. 250 Mobile Bird Watcher
5 Disarm 10 enemies. 250 Sharpshooter


  • For Rank 2, visit the Rabbit page for tips on where to find rabbits.
  • For Rank 4, a partner (driver) is helpful, but a single player can also mount a vehicle, build up speed along a straightaway, then focus on shooting birds.

Sharpshooter II

The Sharpshooter II challenges are unlocked at multiplayer rank 13.

Rank Description XP Title
1 Get two hat shots within 5 seconds of each other. 250 Hat Trickster
2 Shoot 2 hats off of 2 enemies within 5 seconds. 250 Hauty Gunhand
3 Kill a Grizzly Bear with a single headshot. 250 Bear Starer
4 Shoot someone's hat off while riding a mount. 250 Hat Flyer
5 Kill any 3 different types of wild animals within 10 seconds of each other. 250 Master Sharpshooter


  • For Rank 1, it is best to take on Gang Hideouts (hideouts with Walton's Gang are the best, since top hats are an easy target). Find a big group of them and attempt headshots. It is easy to overshoot and hit their hats.
  • For Rank 2, use a shotgun and stand a distance away. The spray will more likely than not knock off the hat and the gun at the same time.
  • For Rank 3, go to Bearclaw Camp. The bears will continually respawn and a repeater is enough to take them down with one shot to the head. However this rank is known for being problematic. This is easily solved by using a sawed-off shotgun at point-blanc range instead of any other weapon to take down the bears.
  • For Rank 4, the challenge can only be activated if the horse is moving. Just sitting on a horse is not sufficient. Using a shotgun at short- to mid-range while aiming at your victim's head works well when shooting at targets that can withstand a few stray buckshot pellets.
  • For Rank 5, this is the hardest to achieve as it only works for wild animals (the player's tamed horse doesn't count). Best to go to Tall Trees, where there is a large amount of wild animals mixed together. However, watch out as Tall Trees contains the most animals that are hostile towards the player. Note that doing this in the daytime will be easier as it is more visible and there will be more wildlife about.


  • The title hat trickster is a reference to the sports term 'hat trick', in which one player scores three goals in one game.

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