Better ready them guns o' yours, bounty hunter.
Sheriff O'Grady to Red Harlow

Sheriff O'Grady is a supporting character in Red Dead Revolver.


While still brave, O'Grady grew too old and fat to enforce the law in a place as rough as Widow's Patch. His gun belt can barely fit around him, not that it matters, as his revolvers rarely leave the locked cabinet they are stored in. He has a daughter called Katie.


When Ugly Chris showed up at Widow's Patch, the Sheriff was powerless to stop him and his gang: It was only when Red Harlow showed up looking to collect on the bounties of Bloody Tom and the Whitneys that Ugly Chris and his thugs were finally dealt with.

After being injured in the shootout with Ugly Chris, Sheriff O'Grady was escorted by Red to Brimstone to receive medical treatment. The train ride there was not a peaceful one however, as the Pedrosa Brothers attempted to hold up the train with a small army of bandits. O'Grady's status after the train ride is unknown.

O'Grady's daughter was later captured by Professor Perry and his gang, but she was saved by Jack Swift. She is later found in the mines of General Diego. She can be free if the key to her cell is found.

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