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Shirts are a part of clothing that can be worn by the player in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.


Some shirts have an option to have the collar open or closed and the choice of sleeves pulled up or down.

In Online, the colors and patterns of shirts may vary the price making it more expensive or changing the currency to Gold bars.


Name Price (in $) Description
Union Suit N/A Full front button Union Suit. Winter weight cotton. Never in the entire history of our underwear business have we been able to produce garments that are worn with so much pleasure.
Union Shirt N/A N/A
Stand-Collar Overshirt N/A Stand-Collar Overshirt. Cotton half front button shirt featuring an inset bib and stand collar. It is often remarked upon for its soul satisfying freshness.
French Dress Shirt N/A French Dress Shirt. Cotton material featuring linen wing tip collar and French cuffs. Noted for its handsome and superior wearing qualities.
Everyday Shirt N/A Everyday Shirt. Front button and pointed collar. The highest praise has been lauded on these shirts as men have longed for something dressy yet comfortable.
Everyday Overshirt N/A Banded collar Everyday Overshirt. Cotton half front button shirt featuring a breast pocket and band collar. This is the very best shirt that human skill can contrive.
Collar Overshirt N/A Banded collar Overshirt. Cotton. Half front button dress shirt featuring an inset bib and band collar. Without any exception one of the finest values in America.



Name Price Description Rank Unlocked
Lotte Cap Sleeve Blouse $57.00 A neat addition to our ladies’ line, this blouse features a lace up front, ruched trim, and neat satin bow detail. Comfortable and modern. Rank 7
Flora Corseted Chemise $42.00 Made from a rich cotton blend, this chemise features decadent lacework and top down back lacing. A truly upscale undergarment. Rank 16
Work Shirtwaist $11.25 A V necked buttoned front with fitted cuffs for practicality. The price simply does not represent the quality of this shirtwaist. It is a striking and attractive waist. Rank 16
Casual Shirtwaist 1 Gold Bar Band collar, cuff sleeves and button front with a neatly gathered waist. This garment is equal in appearance to ones sold at retail for twice the price, which is a shameful practice. Rank 20
Goodale Shirtwaist 2 Gold Bars Our tailors’ choice for the most cultured lady clients, this shirtwaist boasts an asymmetric button front panel and frilled collar. Rank 20
Huerta Shirtwaist 3 Gold Bars Cotton and linen shirtwaist with a wide collar and loose sleeves. Embroidered and piped to the highest standard. Rank 20
Laborer Overshirt $5.50 This cropped overshirt with three-quarter length sleeves is suitable for labor and won’t discolor. N/A
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