Rdr silas
Gender Male
Location Blackwater in Great Plains, West Elizabeth
Status Alive
Affiliations Archibald Andrews
Connie MacTavish
Lucille Billingsgate
Weapon Double-Barrel Shotgun
I ain't taking no chances.

Silas is a minor character featured in the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC pack.


Nothing is known of Silas's background.


Silas appears in the survivor mission "Curious Tales from Blackwater". He is with a group of survivors and argues with Archibald Andrews over who is the leader. During the argument, Lucille Billingsgate is attacked and the rest of the group flees. He can be killed after the undead have attacked.


Apparently it's worse in New Austin. Must be where it came from.
Silas speaking of the cause of the plague


  • He is the only character in the cutscene in which he appears whose last name is not given.

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