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Silas Spatchcock is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption. He plays a part in the Stranger side-mission "Lights, Camera, Action".



Spatchcock is an actor working for the aspiring filmmaker D.S. MacKenna.

Events of Red Dead Redemption

During the Stranger side-mission "Lights, Camera, Action", Marston must convince Spatchcock that acting as a cowboy in films doesn't make him a competent gunslinger by facing him in a duel, however Marston must only disarm Spatchcock, or the mission will fail.


  • It is stated that Spatchcock is homosexual. According to MacKenna, Spatchcock falls in love with the cameraman and runs off with him to Canada.
  • After Marston disarms Spatchcock in the duel, he can sometimes pull another handgun out of his holster, which he will then drop on the ground.
  • Spatchcock is also a culinary term that means a chicken or game bird split down the back and grilled (usually immediately after being killed).
  • The duel Marston has with him is special in that it zooms in much closer than all other duels. This probably to make it easier for the player to aim for his arm and keep him alive.

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