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I once saw the cape from a fourty foot swell. I once crossed the equator during a meteor shower, I rode into harbors surrounded by beautiful maidens selling pineapple, and colors, colors so brilliant they'd burn your eyes... and now, I live in a swamp, waiting to get shot for riding with outlaws.
Simon Pearson to Susan Grimshaw

Simon Pearson is a supporting character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Biography in RDR 2 (click to enlarge)

Simon Pearson was born to a family of whale hunters, and he initially wanted to follow in their footsteps. However the whaling industry had declined by the time he left school, forcing him to pursue other careers [1] Pearson once served as a sailor in the United States Navy, though it is unknown how long for. Notably, he mentions being stranded at sea for fifty days on a ship struck with plague, and is generally nostalgic for his time at sea. At some point prior to 1899, he got into financial trouble, and subsequently became the butcher and cook for Dutch van der Linde and his gang after they rescued him from loan sharks. At camp, the player can donate provisions to Pearson, or use his services to craft better gear or extra features to the camp.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Colter chapter

Pearson tells Arthur that they are almost out of food. Arthur is initially unsympathetic, until Charles steps in and offers to take Arthur out to hunt some deer. The pair bring back two deer, which Arthur and Pearson skin. When the gang go to raid an O'Driscoll hideout, Pearson, Charles and Hosea are told by Dutch to watch over the camp.

Horseshoe Overlook chapter

Shortly after setting up camp at Horseshoe Overlook, Pearson remarks that the food supplies are still low and encourages his fellow gang members to go hunting and start contributing again.

Clemens Point chapter

Pearson can be encountered having an argument with Sadie, over her not wanting to cut vegetables. After Arthur talks to him, he sends Arthur and Sadie to Rhodes to buy groceries and post a letter for him.

Later on, Pearson tells Dutch and Arthur that he came across some O'Driscolls, who said they wanted a parley meeting with the Van der Linde gang. Dutch, Arthur and Hosea are all very skeptical, but Micah insists that they should try. He eventually convinces Dutch to go along with it, on the condition that Arthur watches over them with a sniper rifle. Pearson is told to stay behind while Dutch, Arthur and Micah go, and he later apologizes to Arthur when he returns to camp afterwards - badly injured due to the supposed parley being a trap.

Saint Denis chapter

Pearson becomes noticeably depressed and demoralised after the gang is forced to relocate to Shady Belle. He occasionally expresses his worries to other members such as Susan Grimshaw, who berates him for his perceived self-pity.

At some point during this chapter, Pearson may invite Arthur to go searching for crayfish along the swampland shore. As well as crayfish, the two also manage to find Gator eggs, by stealing them from nearby nests.

Beaver Hollow chapter

With the gang on the brink of collapse, Pearson becomes increasingly unhappy with the situation, and decides to leave before things get worse.


Eventually, Pearson settles into a happy life, running the general store in Rhodes. He gets married, and still keeps a photograph of his former family close to his counter.



Pearson is described as a loud and jolly degenerate, who appears to be in denial about the turn his life has taken. He takes his position as the camp’s cook seriously, and is always grateful when Arthur offers to go out hunting. Pearson is quite fond of his time spent in the Navy, and spends most of his time nostalgically reminiscing about his experiences at sea. He is one of the most peaceful members of the gang, as he doesn't actively participate in any criminal activities and settles down to an honest life after the gang's downfall.  


Pearson is a portly, balding, middle-aged man with collar-length brown hair and a bushy mustache. His upper body garments change with location: in colder climates, he tends to wear a thick, pale purple coat with black gloves and an orange scarf, while in warmer temperatures, he's seen sporting a black, red-banded top hat, a striped tan shirt and a small white apron. During chapter 2, Pearson can often be seen wearing a faded black sweater or a blue jacket and vest over ripped white shirt. He's always shown wearing standard navy uniform pants with black leather jackboots, as well as an anchor tattoo on the back of his hand from his time in the US Navy.

By 1907, Pearson's hair has grayed and the thinning hair on top of his head is nearly gone. He often wears a blue and white striped shirt with a large, full body apron, along with the same navy trousers.

Crafting Upgrades

Throughout Chapters 2-4 and Chapter 6, Pearson is capable of crafting satchels for Arthur and decorations around the camp. The range of items he can craft is greatly expanded once the player purchases Leather-working Tools from the Ledger for $225 from the Tithing Box.


Satchels & Description Components Unlock Requirements
Tonics Satchel:
Increases carrying capacity for all tonics.
1x Perfect Deer Pelt
1x Perfect Buck Pelt
1x Perfect Elk Pelt
Upgrade the Medical Wagon twice in the Ledger.
Ingredients Satchel:
Increases carrying capacity for edible ingredients used for cooking and tonic crafting.
1x Perfect Deer Pelt
1x Perfect Badger Pelt
1x Perfect Squirrel Pelt
Donate 5 animal carcasses to Pearson.
Kit Satchel:
Increases carrying capacity for all types of Kit equipment that will be used regularly.
1x Perfect Deer Pelt
1x Perfect Elk Pelt
1x Perfect Panther Pelt
Provisions Satchel:
Increases the carrying capacity for all types of provisions from store-bought to cooked meals.
1x Perfect Deer Pelt
1x Perfect Bison Pelt
1x Perfect Raccoon Pelt
Upgrade the Provisions Wagon twice in the Ledger.
Materials Satchel:
Increases the carrying capacity for mostly inedible materials which can be used to craft a variety of items.
1x Perfect Deer Pelt
1x Perfect Boar Pelt
1x Perfect Iguana Skin
Craft 3 recipe items at the Scout Campfire.
Valuables Satchel:
Increases the carrying capacity for all types of valuables that can be sold for cash.
1x Perfect Deer Pelt
1x Perfect Beaver Skin
1x Perfect Rabbit Skin
Donate $50 in cash (not items) to the Tithing Box at camp.
Legend of the East Satchel:
Greatly expands the carrying capacity for all item types.
1x Perfect Deer Pelt
1x Perfect Cougar Pelt
1x Perfect Wolf Pelt
Craft all other satchels.
NOTE: Pearson requires Leather-Working Tools to be purchased from the Ledger, in order for him to craft Satchels for Arthur at camp.

Camp Décor

Camp Area Decoration & Description Components Leather-Working Tools Required?
Arthur's Lodging Alligator Skull:
A cleaned alligator skull for display on Arthur's tent.
1x Perfect Alligator Skin No
Big Horn Ram Skull:
A cleaned up ram skull to be displayed at Arthur's tent.
1x Perfect Ram Carcass No
Cougar Pelt Covered Chest:
A covering for Arthur's wardrobe chest made from cougar pelts.
2x Perfect Cougar Pelts Yes
Boar Skin Table:
A boar skin stretched and secured to Arthur's table top.
1x Perfect Boar Pelt Yes
Ox Hide Rug:
A ground cover for Arthur's tent, made from ox hide.
2x Perfect Ox Hides No
John's Lodging Boar Skin Rug:
A ground cover for John's tent, crafted from wild boar.
4x Perfect Boar Pelts No
Camp Tables Pronghorn Leather Table Tops:
Two durable tabletop covers crafted from finished pronghorn hides.
2x Perfect Pronghorn Hides Yes
Chuckwagon Pronghorn Skull:
A cleaned and finished pronghorn skull to display in camp on Pearson's wagon.
1x Perfect Pronghorn Carcass No
Main Campfire Moose Antlers:
The antlers from a moose, mounted and hung up near the main campfire.
1x Moose Antler No
Wolf Skull:
A cleaned up wolf skull to be displayed at the main campfire.
1x Perfect Wolf Carcass No
Snake Skin Banjo Head:
Snake skin that's been stretched, trimmed and tensioned onto the banjo to give it a new look.
2x Perfect Snake Skins Yes
Campfire Seat Cover:
A covering for the campfire crate stitched out of various furs.
1x Perfect Beaver Pelt
1x Perfect Muskrat Pelt
1x Perfect Fox Pelt
Campfire Log Seat Cover:
A seat cover for the campfire log, crafted from wolf pelts.
2x Perfect Wolf Pelts No
Lean-to Cow Hide Ground Cover:
Ground cover for one of the lean-to tents, crafted from cow hide.
1x Perfect Cow Hide No
Scout Campfire Scout Fire Ground Covers:
A pair of ground covers for the scout campfire, crafted from goat hides.
2x Perfect Goat Hides No
Elk Antlers:
The antlers of an Elk, mounted and displayed on the back of a wagon.
1x Elk Antlers No
Hanging Bones:
A bunch of leftover animal bones left hanging on display.
1x Buck Antlers No

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2

Companion Activities


Nothing like good honest labour. Back to work.
Pearson to Susan Grimshaw
I met a couple of the O'Driscoll boys on the road into town, things were about to get ugly. But you know how I am in a fight, huh? Like a cornered tiger!
Simon Pearson
When I was in the Navy, we were stranded at sea.... for fifty days.
Pearson to Arthur
Navy rum, sir. It's the only thing, the only thing! Keeps you sane it does.
Pearson to Arthur
You know you could trade these or sell these in pretty much any town, if you're looking to make a legitimate bit of money of course.
Pearson about animal pelts
I need more food if you people don't want to starve! I'm talking meat, fish, vegetables, I can cook any of these things, the only thing I cannot cook is air.
Simon Pearson holding a speech in camp
You know, sometimes people here still talk about the brutal demise of the Grays and the Braithwaites. I just smile and keep quiet.
Pearson in 1907 referring to the events of the game's third chapter
You see that swamp, Arthur? That's God's own pantry.
Pearson about the swamp surrounding Shady Belle


  • In the epilogue, Pearson usually wears a thick winter coat and gloves, despite Lemoyne being one of the hottest regions in Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • His satchels can be bought while playing as John at any fence, due to the player losing access to Pearson in the epilogue. This has the added benefit of not requiring any materials.
  • He seems to get along very well with Hosea Matthews, with them frequently making jokes with each other and laughing.
  • Pearson and Molly O'Shea are the only members of the gang who are never seen riding a horse.



  1. Pearson speak about his family during on a random campfire event.