Slick Nick Funtz is a Multiplayer character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Slick Nick Funtz is the first American Army character available in the Outfitter. His character model is available at Multiplayer Level 1.

He wears the basic U.S. Army uniform of the 1911 period, with the light khaki shirt and the darker pants and canvas leggings. Nick lacks any major form of equipment, but he wears the distinctive hat worn by U.S. Army. The sleeves on his shirt are rolled up, and the lack of any rank insignia on his sleeves indicates that he is the lowest rank of Private, the Private (E-1). Privates do not earn insignia until they reach the rank of Private (E-2), which conveys the insignia of a single chevron. His uniform also has blood stains on it. He appears to be the youngest member of the American Army characters available.


  • "Don't get your Baxter-Murphys in an uproar!"
  • "You wanna get me a cup of coffee?"
  • "We got a name for people like you in the Army!"
  • "You wanna come by the fort and practice?"
  • "There, there. There's always next Christmas."
  • "Didn't I see you in a Baxter-Murphy advertisement?"
  • "Are you sure you aren't a Mexican in a costume?"
  • "Are you tryin' to explain somethin' to me?"
  • "Remember, you can't catch bullets, just VD."
  • "Careful! They'll send you to Cuba!"
  • "You've always got a place in the barracks with us!"
  • "I bet you can't shoot for heck!"


  • Just like Tall Trees Ty, Slick Nick is a Private.
  • Judging from some of his quotes, he might be racist against Mexicans.


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