Smithfield's Saloon is a saloon featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. It is a large, popular saloon located in the livestock town of Valentine, in the state of New Hanover. It is owned and run by Cliff Smithfield.


Smithfield's Saloon is a large saloon very popular within Valentine and one of the most prominent in the state of New Hanover. As a result, it is always lively - at day and night - and has a wealth of amenities.

It was opened only recently before 1898 and quickly became the most popular in town, surpassing the smaller and run-down Keane's Saloon down the street. Smithfield's is popular with local farmhands, cowboys and traders looking for a cold drink after a long day.[1]Prostitutes are also prevalent.

The saloon provides the following meals and drinks:

Item Cost ($)
Beer $0.50
Whiskey $0.50
Beef Stew $3.00
Lamb's Fry $5.00
Almonds Free

The saloon offers poker for $2.50, in addition to a barber run by Quentin Fern.

Jon can also be found here as a patron at night or in the afternoon, ranting about various topics. The player can fight him and acquire the Raccoon Hat from him afterward.


This saloon is first visited during the mission "Americans at Rest", which occurs soon after the gang move to Horseshoe Overlook. Arthur Morgan joins Charles Smith and Javier Escuella in the saloon for a drink, before Bill Williamson drunkenly enters the saloon, assaulting someone on his way in and ultimately causing a bar fight. A burly man named Tommy soon joins the fray and proceeds to attack Javier. After saving Javier from Tommy, Arthur is then forced to brawl Tommy alone in the street outside of the saloon. Arthur eventually emerges as the victor, and Tommy is beaten severely before Thomas Downes breaks up the fight.

At some point afterward, Arthur visits the saloon with Lenny Summers, with the intention of having a drink or two with him to calm his nerves. Arthur and Lenny instead get far drunker than they had intended and end up having many strange experiences, such as being involved in a slapping contest with each other and frequently losing each other. The two are eventually confronted by the law, who wish to arrest them for drunken violence. Whether Arthur gets captured or manages to escape depends entirely on whether the player is able to evade the lawmen or not.

Eight years later, John Marston meets with Sadie Adler in the saloon. When John arrives two men are seen harassing Sadie until she attacks one of them with a knife. John pulls the knife out of the man's hand and the two men run away.


On the one side of the bar is the counter, where the player can buy drinks. On the other side is a poker table, where the player can partake in poker.

In the back right of the saloon is a barber, and upstairs, there are multiple hotel rooms, which the player cannot sleep in.


  • Mick Mellamphy, the actor who played Sean MacGuire, suggested in a tweet on Twitter that Smithfields is named after a real bar in New York City. [2]
  • If the bartender is knocked out or killed by the player, the saloon will be locked and physically boarded up. If he is killed by an NPC, the saloon will be accessible but with no-one inside or, alternatively, with the respawned bartender incessantly sweeping the floor, unable for serving drinks. (For instance, the player can make the lawmen attack him by provoking him to use his gun.)
  • In the mission "A Quiet Time", Arthur can accidentally walk in on a prostitute and a patron in one of the upstairs rooms.
    • This can occur a maximum of three times in the mission, and on the third search both the prostitute and the patron will be seen with Lenny's head and skin color.
  • The furthermost hotel room to the right end of the left hall can be used as a hiding spot when being investigated for a crime by the law, as the player's pursuers will always search the entire hall but never go investigate this room. After enough waiting, the lawmen will call off the search. Players should note that this does not work if they have already been spotted.




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