Smitty is a minor character featured in Red Dead Revolver.

After successfully completing the mission "Range War" on Bounty Hunter Mode, Smitty is unlocked as a playable character in Showdown Mode.



Smitty is a bandit who moves around from gang to gang. According to Hank Pullman, the engineer on the Brimstone line of the Pan-Atlantic Railroad, Smitty has robbed the train six times. Hank reports that although Smitty sometimes wears a bandana to conceal his identity, his fellow gang members always call him by name, so it doesn't do much good.

Events of Red Dead Revolver

Smitty is one of the bandits that attacks the Harlow homestead in Broken Creek. He is killed by Red Harlow during the attack. Then he can be seen in the mission "Bounty Hunter". Smitty is also seen in mission "Rouge Valley", where he is one of Bad Bessie's henchmen. He is also seen in mission "Bar Fight", where he is a brawler and Dan's henchman.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Revolver

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Smitty is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal on pages 132 - 133 under the Outlaws in Twelve States section. The pages are unlocked by completing "Range War" on Bounty Hunter Mode.


In combat with Red

  • "Shoot that little sidewinder!"
  • "Put the gun down, kid!"
  • "You got lucky once, kid, but it won't happen again!"
  • "I'll get you, boy!"
  • "That's too much gun for you, boy!"
  • "Go get him!"


  • "See you in Hell..."

Spots Red

  • "There you are!"

Scripted Dialogue

  • "The kid's down by the river! Go get him!"- Always said as Red leaves the target range to get to his house that is on fire.
  • "Dang it, the kid's still alive!"- Always said as Red continues going to the flaming house after killing more bandits.


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