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Social Calls With Mr. MacGuire is a companion activity in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission Overview

Sean receives a tip off that a group of drunken train robbers are using Lonnie's Shack as a hideout. Arthur Morgan and Sean plan to cause a distraction and rob them for their take.


After accepting the mission from Sean, the duo will make the trip to the homestead. Upon arriving at the homestead, Arthur and Sean scout the property. Sean notices that one of outlaws is outside and suggest that Arthur go to back of the cabin, while he distracts the lone gang member. Sean will shoot the lone gang member and alerts the outlaw gang to their presence inside the house.

Sean and Arthur will fight the gang. Sean will capture a fleeing outlaw and Arthur can interrogate the surviving gang member as to where the money is located. The outlaw will eventually tell them that money is hidden behind a wall in the bedroom. The player can choose to let the outlaw go or kill the outlaw. Arthur will find the stash behind a wall in the bedroom.


Video Walkthrough


Red Dead Redemption 2 - Companion Activity 6 - Home Robbery (Sean)


  • Killing the lone gang member will lower the player's honor.
  • If the player seeks out the homestead on their own outside of the companion activity and kills/hogties three of the four men in the shack the fourth will surrender and inform him about a stash of money he has hidden under a board in the kitchen floor (instead of the spot in the bedroom that can be found by questioning the last man during the companion activity) which then can be looted.
  • There are several factors that may hint at the fact that this companion activity was originally a main story mission:
    • This is the only companion activity with its own mission name (with the exception of "High and Low Finance", exclusive to the Special / Ultimate Edition).
    • It is the only activity whose mission giver (Sean MacGuire) has another activity within the same chapter (Coach Robbery).
    • It is the only companion activity with its own original music (other activities use the default area music).


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