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The Sockeye Salmon is a species of fish found in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Sockeye Salmon can sometimes be seen leaping upstream in their habitat of fast-flowing, cold river water. These hefty fish are sought after for their tasty, nutritious flesh. Choosy about bait, Sockeye Salmon will ignore food-baited bobbers, but can be tempted by River Lures. They are known to be more active when the weather is overcast. The remote, freezing territory at the foot of the Western Grizzly Mountains is rumoured to be home to a whopping Legendary Sockeye Salmon.




  • The best area to catch Sockeye Salmon in O'Creagh's Run is around Hamish Sinclair's Homestead.


  • Sockeye Salmon, along with Steelhead Trout, are arguably the most profitable fish, because they have a good sell price as well as can be carried in a large number.



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