Red Dead Redemption
secret achievement and trophy

Sons of Mexico
Description Complete "The Gates of El Presidio"
Gamer Score 40 gamerscoregamerscore
Trophy Type Bronze bronzebronze
Complete "The Gates of El Presidio"
In-game description

Sons of Mexico is a gameplay achievement/trophy in Red Dead Redemption.


After the opening cinematic, get in the cart next to Abraham Reyes and either skip to destination or wait it out. The cart will come to a halt not too far from El Presidio, and Reyes will light the fuse on the TNT in the back of your cart, telling you to hurry up and enter El Presidio. You have to ram the cart into the front gates, and jump out before it hits to avoid being killed.

Once the doors are open, the rebels will take out the guards coming out and enter El Presidio. There are three places where you'll have to look for Javier, but he's in the barracks on the left. Once you enter El Presidio, go left up the stairs, and he's in the building straight ahead. Take out any guards, but don't think you can kill them all, as there will be constant reinforcements. Go up the stairs inside the barracks, and you'll find him there.

In exchange for his life/freedom, Javier Escuella will tell Marston that he can give him both Dutch and Bill and take him right to them. But instead, he pushes a crate onto Marston before he tries to escape. He'll jump out the window and run to his horse before trying to outride John. Follow him and either hogtie or shoot him.

After taking care of Escuella, the army will be sending reinforcements. Run to your marker, where you'll mount a cannon. Simply point and shoot. The aim is slightly off, so it might require multiple shots, but aiming at the middle usually works. There are two horse patrols and two carts to take care of. After doing so, go down to pick up Escuella. As Marston is carrying Escuella, Reyes makes a joke about old friends reuniting being a beautiful thing.

Marston meets up with Edgar Ross and Archer Fordham, the two government agents that first sent him on this mission. Marston gives Escuella to the agents (Fordham will tell him off if Escuella is dead), who tell him to get Bill Williamson and then travel to Blackwater, because they believe Dutch is in the area.


  • The name of the achievement/trophy is a reference to the film Once Upon a Time in Mexico. When prompted by the Mexican President as to who are the men saving him, one of the main characters replies "We are Sons of Mexico."
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