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I have the sight if you want the wisdom. Come, see what I see.
The Soothsayer to the player.

Soothsayer is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Soothsayer is a blind fortune teller who appears around Bayou Nwa and Bluewater Marsh. For $2, she foretells certain events in the story and makes reference to the protagonist's personality. The soothsayer's role is similar to that of Blind Man Cassidy, although her dialogue is generally more cryptic and she charges a dollar more.


To Arthur Morgan

Even the gods die. Even the gods die an ignoble death!
This is now the time of machines. The time of things. The time of man came and went as all things pass. As all things pass, my friend.
We killed him and what did we replace him with? What? With what? With absolutely nothing.
There's nothing here, friend... there's nothing here for us to destroy.
What are you doing here, friend? You don't know... you don't know what you're doing here. That's the problem... that's a real problem.
You'll go away from here and realise that here is not so bad, as everyone does in the end.
They will betray you in the end... surely they shall. Betray them first!
It's only in dying that we live, my friend... so you're lucky. For soon you shall be alive.
Beware the swamps, for nothing good ever came from the ooze. They say we came from the mud. We didn't. We came from under a rock!
You came down from on high and met man unleashed as fury... and this is modernity in all its foulness. Smoke, lies, hatred and not much else.

To John Marston

And the circle goes on... and on... and on... and what will end it? And would we want to end it if we could?
She'll return to you, my friend. Return she shall and that shall destroy you both, I fear.
The ones you hate grow fat on their greed and yet you must punish whatever the cost... whatever the cost!
When you do what you must do, you makes things complete. Complete and round back to where they once stood. Life began in churches, it ends in churches. Life began in the darkness, it ends in the ground.
Keep moving, for you cannot stop it now. It began long ago and will only end many years henceforth. All you can do is your bit.


  • Like with Blind Man Cassidy, Arthur and John appear to find her riddles non-sensical.