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Red Dead Redemption:
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Spinning Plates
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Description Have every territory saved at the same time during the Undead Nightmare.
Gamer Score 25 gamerscoregamerscore
Trophy Type Bronze bronzebronze
Downloadable content Undead Nightmare

Spinning Plates is an achievement/trophy in the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC pack.


"Have every territory saved at the same time during the Undead Nightmare."



† = Safe Zones that cannot be overrun.


  • Escalera does not need to be saved if the symbol doesn't appear on your map yet.
  • Torquemada is at the top of the ridge above the marker and past the ruins - south east of where the map marker is.
  • Fort Mercer, El Presidio and Casa Madrugada are 'Safe Zones' that will never be overrun by the Undead. Neither El Presidio nor Casa Madrugada require a visit to complete this challenge.
  • This achievement does NOT require any survivors to be alive at any of the settlements in question, just that the zombies are cleared from the town. However, towns without survivors come under attack much more often, making the achievement harder.


  • Spinning plates is a circus juggling routine in which one or more people attempt to keep multiple plates spinning atop balanced poles. The term is also used to describe having to keep a handle on multiple difficult situations at one time.
  • In the French localization of the game, this trophy is named "All your town are belong to us". This is an obvious reference to the infamous line "All your base are belong to us", from the European Sega Mega Drive version of the game "Zero Wing".