A white and brown pinto horse. Normal speed.
In-game description

The Standardbred Pinto is a horse breed and transport featured in Red Dead Redemption.


The Standardbred Pinto is a chestnut Tobiano paint/pinto horse with a white mane. It is a mount with normal speed and stamina, as well as average-sized health. Its base price is $500, with the price decreasing to $250 with high Honor.

The Standardbred Pinto differs from the Tobiano Pinto as the Tobiano has a black mane and different markings; these markings, however, are the same color as the Standards.

Missions appearances

In the West Elizabeth mission strand, the breed is often used as the main mount type for members of Dutch's Gang.

It is also the main mount for Jack Marston during his mission strand.


The Standardbred Pinto can be found in the region of Cholla Springs in New Austin, and the area of Great Plains in West Elizabeth.


  • In reality, there is no official horse breed bearing the name "Standardbred Pinto"; physically, the horse in-game looks like an ordinary painted horse, i.e. a Quarter Horse with a colored (buckskin Tobiano) coat.
  • Its color type is called 'Skewbald' which comes in several forms (i.e. Tobiano, Overo, Tovero etc.) and is buckskin in color.


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