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There isn't a man in England who can beat me at poker.
Stanley Palmer

Stanley Palmer is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Stanley is an English immigrant, evidenced by his accent and quotes. He has a relative, Pearl Palmer, buried in Blackwater cemetery.


Stanley can most often be found playing Poker in the Blackwater saloon or in the Blackwater Hotel at the High Stakes Poker table. He appears to own or work at the Blackwater Theatre, as he can be seen manning the ticket booth.


I'm gonna be right smart and purchase mineral rights.
Stanley Palmer tells of his future plans at the poker table
My coffers are empty, I shall leave you to it.
Stanley Palmer busts out at the poker table
Hollingsworth's daughter isn't interested in men, I hear.
Stanley Palmer spreading rumors at the poker table
Where's that blasted sheriff?
Stanley Palmer upon seeing a crime
Sheriff, some buggery is afoot.
Stanley Palmer reporting a crime
You, sir, are a cut above.
Stanley Palmer when bribed by the player
Bloody hell! I'm... dying!
Stanley Palmer after being shot
I'm so sorry, mother, I never visited.
Stanley Palmer reminisces about his mother when dying
Yes, well, that's your opinion, I suppose.
Stanley Palmer's retort to an insult from the player
Ma'am, it is a pleasure to set eyes upon you.
Stanley Palmer when conversing with a woman
This weather is lovely, I think.
Stanley Palmer complimenting the weather
This weather is shite.
Stanley Palmer complaining about the weather
Please, don't! Take all that I have!
Stanley Palmer upon being robbed by the player
This stinking, fucking country!
Stanley Palmer when running away from the player
I'm closing a deal with a gentleman near the border.
Stanley Palmer while playing poker
Stanley Palmer commenting on his hand of cards
Just the card I need!
Stanley Palmer commenting on his hand of cards
More telephone lines coming. Good for business.
Stanley Palmer commenting on recent events while playing poker
I must eat soon.
Stanley Palmer while playing poker.
I'm a bit peckish.
Stanley Palmer while playing poker.
I heard Mr. Franklin was robbed at gunpoint yesterday.
Stanley Palmer spreading rumors at the poker table
I hear they plan on outlawing our joy-juice.
Stanley Palmer spreading rumors at the poker table


  • Stanley sometimes mentions a "Hollingsworth" while playing poker. He could be referring to Earl Hollingsworth, a Marshal based in Blackwater.
  • Stanley cannot leave the theatre. If he runs away, he will soon reappear behind the booth.
  • Stanley is one of few characters in the game to wear glasses.
  • When walking into the High Stakes poker room in the hotel, Stanley appears to have a larger chance of appearing than the other players; he is almost always there.
  • Amusingly, if Stanley is the last player to be busted after Marston wins, he will leave the hotel and may walk near the theatre, where another Stanley Palmer is working the booth. They may also converse.