Steamboats appear as a cinematic element and as a mission location in Red Dead Redemption, but are not used by the player for transportation during the game.


The game's opening cinematic depicts John Marston arriving in Blackwater on the steamboat Morningstar. The player is not in control of the character at this time and has no opportunity to explore the Morningstar at any point during the game.

At the southern shore of the Great Plains region in the West Elizabeth territory, there is an old abandoned port known as the Wreck of the Serendipity. The port has been abandoned because the large steamboat, the titular Serendipity, has partially sunk and settled on the shallow bed of Flat Iron Lake. This wrecked steamboat is featured in the mission "Bear One Another's Burdens".



  • If the player enters the cheat to play as Jack at the beginning in the game then players will be able to see the Morningstar ferry. It however is not solid and walking on board will cause the player to fall through it and drown in the water below.
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