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The Suffolk Punch is a horse breed in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Both coat types (Red Chestnut and Sorrel) have a base value of $120 and can only be acquired by being stolen. Suffolk Punch horses pull wagons and coaches, so they tend to have higher stamina and health, but lower speed and acceleration compared to riding horses. Its handling gives it low reactivity and agility.


Suffolk Punch horses are classed as draft horses, identified by their compact, stocky frame and also by their characteristic Sorrel or Chestnut coat. Their strong build and high endurance levels make them ideal for heavy labor in farms, though their weight can make them hard to maneuver. This breed of horse is known for its good Health, Stamina and Speed, allowing it to work long hours without tiring.

Catalogue Description

Suffolk Punch horses possess a willingness to work and have a great deal of determination to press on and complete tasks that need to be completed. Surrounded by strong muscle, the breed is known to be intelligent with a neck that is powerful and arching. With short, stocky legs that sometimes appear too short for their large body, the Suffolk Punch has hooves that are sound and well formed.

Coat styles

Coat Base Value (in $) Health Stamina Speed Acceleration Source
Red Chestnut 120.00 x x 3 2 Steal


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