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You may also be looking for "Sunset Canyon", the Red Dead Revolver mission that takes place here.

Sunset Canyon is a location in Red Dead Revolver.


Sunset Canyon has been feuded over by the Black Elk Tribe and Red Wolf Tribe for centuries since it provides access to the sacred places on Bear Mountain. General Diego uses the canyon to transport gold from his fort to Brimstone in his armored stagecoach.


It is a desert area with a mesa and natural arches. The mesa contains the ruins of the Mission San Meland, which serves as a resting area for Diego's men. A fenced in area contains a large stone monument. A natural arch leads from the mesa across to a valley.

Mission Appearances

Showdown Mode

Sunset Canyon can be unlocked as a stage in Showdown Mode by completing the mission "Sunset Canyon" on Bounty Hunter Mode. In the showdown stage, the lower areas from story mode are not available (they show as much steeper than in story mode and an invisible wall prevents the player from going over the edge). The upper mission ruins, monument, and natural arch areas are available as is a circular area across the path where the stagecoach appears during the mission.


  • In the closing credits of the game, a note says that the game was dedicated to Chris Meland. He was one of the 2D/3D artists on the game, who presumably passed away during development. He is likely the inspiration for the name of Mission San Meland. A stained glass window in the mission bears the image of a man with the inscription "Reperire Pax", meaning "find peace". The nearby stone monument has the inscription "Mision de San Cristobol" (Chris is a shortened form of the name Cristobol).

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