The Super Bull is a multiplayer mount featured in Red Dead Redemption.


The Super Bull is harder to steer than horses, as are all of the bull/buffalo mounts. However, it has much more stamina compared to the other bulls and can take a lot more damage before being killed. One disadvantage to riding the Super Bull is that it cannot jump. Like all legendary mounts in multiplayer, the Super Bull is not susceptable to off-road traction loss and can travel at the same rate off-road as on road. 

If the bull is injured in any way or if it runs out of stamina it kicks the player off, then it will charge anyone who goes near it, including the rider if they try to get back on it. Even without injury, the bull will sometimes charge the player while dismounted. The bull will first paw at the ground as an indication that a charge is imminent.


To unlock the Super Bull mount, the player must reach level 50 in the third tier of Legend and level 42 in the fourth tier in the multiplayer portion of the game; as such, the Super Bull is the penultimate mount unlocked in multiplayer.


  • The Super Bull resembles a Spanish Fighting Bull.
  • The term 'Super Bull' is more commonly used for bulls/cows that are bred for their big muscles.
  • The Super Bull looks similar to the Undead Bull.


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