Survivalist Map
Game Red Dead Redemption
Type Assists in the location of plants.
Obtained by Purchase in stores.
Shows all nearby herbs on the map for 20 minutes.

–In-game description

A Survivalist Map is a consumable item found in Red Dead Redemption that assists in gathering plants and completing survivalist challenges.


The Survivalist Map is a single-use item that is accessed from the player's Inventory screen. When "used" from the Inventory screen, it causes the location of all plants in the entire scope of the radar to appear for a limited amount of time (normally only plants in the player's immediate vicinity are shown). Zooming the radar out (with the down directional button) reveals plants across a wider area.

This effect continues as the player travels, updating to show plants in each new location that is visited. Nearby plants are also displayed on the main map screen. The map works whether the player is on foot, horseback, carriage, etc. The duration of the effect is dependent on how many survivalist challenges the player has completed, as noted below:

  • Survivalist levels 1-4: Lasts 20 mins
  • Survivalist levels 5-9: Lasts 40 mins

Map duration is in real world playing time rather than in-game time. Using fast travel does not advance the clock. If Marston dies with a Survivalist Map active, the effect is removed. Saving the game will also end the effect.


The Survivalist Map can be purchased from General Stores and costs $20 - $25 ($39 with low honor and $13 with high honor). Only one Survivalist Map can be carried in the inventory at any given time; however, it is possible to buy one, use it, and then immediately buy another to carry as a backup.

Undead Nightmare

The Survivalist Map cannot be purchased anywhere, it is found in chests or given as a reward for Random Encounters. However, up to five can be carried at one time. Also 3 free survivalist maps are given by West Dickens upon starting "A Cure for Most of What Ails You".

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