I swear half of you would just rot in your own filth if nobody kept you in check.
Susan Grimshaw

Susan Grimshaw is a supporting character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



The undisputed boss and arbiter of justice in the camp, everything would have fallen apart years ago without Susan in charge. Tenacious and iron‐willed, she stands for no nonsense.
Rockstar Games' description of Susan.

Biography in RDR 2 (click to enlarge)

Susan was one of the original members of the Van der Linde gang, alongside Dutch van der Linde, Hosea Matthews, and Arthur Morgan. She became romantically involved with Dutch. She spent long nights playing poker with the gang, often sitting in Dutch's lap. Their relationship later ended, and Dutch eventually moved on to another woman named Annabelle. Despite that, She remained a close associate to Dutch, gaining his respect and eventually became the gang's arbiter.

By 1899, alongside with the gang's cook Simon Pearson, Susan was in charge of setting up the camp every time the gang moved to a new place.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Colter chapter

When the gang settle at Colter, she organises the camp and decides where each gang member’s rooms will be, prompting complaining from Micah.

Horseshoe Overlook chapter

Grimshaw shows Arthur his living space, and tells him that all of his stuff from Blackwater was saved.

Saint Denis chapter

Grimshaw asks Arthur to help investigate Tilly's disappearance, who she believes was kidnapped by the Foreman Brothers. The two ride up to a Foreman Brothers hide out. The two storm the safehouse, and rescue Tilly, before realizing that the three Foremen Brothers fled. Arthur chases after them, and shoots two of them off their horses before capturing Anthony Foreman and bringing him to Tilly and Susan. Susan will encourage Arthur to execute him, although it is ultimately the player’s choice whether to kill Foreman, or spare him.

Beaver Hollow chapter

After Molly comes stumbling into the camp, saying that she was an informant for Agent Milton, Grimshaw shoots Molly with a shotgun, saying ”She knew the rules”. 

Grimshaw is later murdered by Micah in Beaver Hollow during a standoff within the gang. After Arthur reveals that Micah was the rat all along, Susan points a shotgun at Micah, demanding that he puts his guns down. Suddenly, Javier announces that Pinkertons are coming, which distracts Susan. Seeing his chance, Micah shoots Susan while she is off guard, resulting in her death. Miss Grimshaw is later buried by Charles Smith in somewhere near Beaver Hollow. Players will find it in New Hanover, southwest of the Elysian Pool, on a cliff nearby. 

Mission appearances


  • Sometimes when Arthur is in camp, Susan will approach and comment on his recent actions. The activity she will discuss includes killing innocent civilians, avoiding donating to the box and spending too much time at camp, among other examples.
  • During the Beaver Hollow chapter, Susan may approach Arthur in camp to tell him that someone smashed the donation box thus explaining its absence. 
  • She repeatedly mentions her disdain of Mary Linton, much to Arthur's annoyance. 
  • There is a pastor in Rhodes named Herbert P. Grimshaw, however whether or not there is any connection is unknown.