Way back when I first beat Red Dead Revolver, I was hoping they'd make a sequel where Red is being hung, and Jack Swift snuck in and shot right through the rope, and saved Red. Now, about 6 (I Think) years later, a mission almost exactly like it comes out in the sequel. That made me happy. Jackass2009 04:29, October 14, 2010 (UTC)

Why i think bonnie should have died.

honestly by this point bonnie wasnt important, and the second i saw the guy kick the chair out from nderneath her legs i though, OH SHIT! williamsons gang killed bonnie, i have to get revenge. going through the whole shooting section thinking i wa sgetting revenge for this death that would fuel even more reason to kill williamson, but no. shes still alive. leaving me to ask why she was imprtant outside of the tutorial missions. .she had nothing to offer the story after taking you to armadillo, and after the hanging bonnie mission you never see her again, so Killing her would have boostd her importance to the story AND given marston more reason for revenge, not to mention it could have involved an awesome scene where drew joins in the assault. making him important, but no. these 2 characters where wasted. other then that loved this game.

oh yeah and spoilers b*tches.

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