Glitch or Common Gameplay Element?

Finished the first Missing Person's mission earlier in the game, but according to the Journal->Survivors tab, this is still an active mission. It says I still need to take down the poster and find that girl. I have not started any other missing person's missions after finishing that first one.

While playing plenty of time after "finishing" the first missing person's mission, the missing persons icon showed up AGAIN in blue at the house where you find her. So I headed over there, and I get the cut-scene AGAIN of where I have to save her. However, after the cut-scene is over, she disappears. I reloaded the save, and that icon didn't re-appear again.

My question is, did I get credit for this mission to toward the 100% completion? Or will this "glitch" fix itself later in the game (after finishing the rest of the missing-persons' missions)?

Camelsnake98.255.129.124 10:21, November 4, 2010 (UTC)

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