This entry in the Trivia section,

"Only herbs gathered after downloading this outfit will count towards the acquisition of scrap 2."

has been removed. I downloaded the outfit and the only two requirements I had left were the 1000 dollars and gunsmiths (oddly enough, I never used the blackwater gunsmith in my several days worth of playtime)


Further explanation is needed concerning the executions. I was confused by what was meant by "Execute 20 people" and when I came here expecting the answer all I got was "Walk up to the person and fire". I had to look up executions to learn that I can get involved in the executions of prisoners (I didn't know I could do that).

Okay, I made a mistake on this one. Walk up and fire without taking aim is how to execute. This has nothing to do with prisoners.


This outfit doesn't make Marston resemble shaky, other than the fact the hats are mildly similar.


I am having trouble getting the gunsmith scrap. I have downloaded and installed the content and I have collected every other scrap needed for the Savvy Merchant Outfit. I recently went to the four gunsmiths and purchased tonic. I even sold them some feathers. The scrap still has not unlocked. I have already beaten the campaign and am playing as Jack Marston. Does this matter? Anyone else having trouble with this one?

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