Bugs with Solomon's Folly mission?

Is there a bug with this mission (GOTY edition, Xbox), or is there a specific way it has to be completed? I have successfully completed this mission at least 5 times in a row, and each time I go back the area, the mission is there again as if I didn't do it. I cannot get into the area to search for items without activating this mission. I kill the gang, the sherriff is still alive and tells me to return the safe. I return the safe to the bank, and the banker is happy. I achieve fame and honor. Afterwards is the problem: I have died afterward and found the mission renewed. I have  saved at a safe house right after the mission - and still found the mission renewed. One time I did nothing wrong (no negative reports) and after the mission, someone in the street came up and started shooting me for no apparent reason. I shot them dead, thinking they were a left-over bad guy, but the game acted like I had done something wrong and law enforcement immediately killed me. A couple of times, the game gave me negative honor while driving the coach; I assume I accidently shot the helping sheriff or maybe a civilian.  Some times, I meet the sheriff at the rock, as I am supposed to. Other times, the gang sees me approaching and the command to kill the gang pops up (skipping the first talk with the sheriff). I have left a few bad guys behind as I drive the coach, unkilled, because they fall off their horse and I am too far away to kill them with a final shot. Other than those few bad guys that I left behind, there is nothing wrong I have done each time to explain why the quest/mission acts like it didn't happen. Do I have to personally make sure each bad guy is dead before arriving in town? If I stay off of the coach for too long or get too far away, will it say I "abandonded" the mission? Is there some bug with this quest that's not reported on this page? Or is it supposed to be available forever, because it's some kind of special add-on quest from the GOTY edition? I tried searching for a bug page, to see if there were general mission bugs to explain this, but there isn't a page for general bugs (according to your search bar). 11:24, January 2, 2013 (UTC)

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